Reforming the reform? And it’s appluaded by the Minister?!

Wow!  Some big news in Education in Quebec!

Check this article out here, in The Examiner:–Education-Examiner~y2010m1d30-End-of-curriculum-reform-in-Quebec

Recommendations include:

  • No formal evaluation of cross-curricular competences;
  • A return to report cards with percentage grades, a 60% pass mark, and in many cases a single mark rather than evaluation for two or more competences;
  • Shorter and more manageable exams, taking place for the most part in a two-week period at the end of the school year to maximize learning time;
  • Evaluation of children with special needs to reflect their progress, and not to compare them with a typical child of the same age;
  • An emphasis on basic knowledge and skills (math, spelling, grammar, etc.) as the foundation for other learning (“savoir” before “savoir-faire.”) The obligation to transmit and evaluate knowledge to be a key point in policy and law.

What’s most interesting to me is the seeming acceptance from the Minister of a school board and its main teachers union getting together to make a significant change in the teaching process.

Granted, the article does say:

And while the recommendations do emphasize a return to teaching and evaluating knowledge, rather than developing broader competences, there was no attempt made to throw out the Quebec Education Program (QEP.) The document that lays out the province’s curriculum seems to be in no danger.

This can only be good news, and can probably be attributed to the new levels of accountability that are being brought in to education.  With having to prove real measures of success, maybe everyone is ready to let the people on the front lines try a few more things that are making sense to them and their clientele.




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