Tools for creating rubrics

It’s neat to be on so many educational tips lists, and so on.  The amount of resources out there is amazing – but it can also be somewhat daunting.

Over the past number of years, one of the things that made the most sense to me was the use of rubrics.  Basically, writing out in great specifics what an assignment, or task should be.  And how it will be graded.

Some of the rubrics that I have seen have been simply amazing.  As a student, could you ask for anything more than a very clear path as to how to get that 100% grade?  If you do, X, Y, Z and a little bit more than that, you’re in!  Top grades!

In a recent article, I found a link to an online rubrics creation tool – step-by-step and with some great drop down menus for the context of the assignment.

Try it out yourself – as a parent, it’s neat to see how these are put together.  As a teacher, who knows?!  You may love it!




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