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PREL – assises régionales

I attended the PREL (Partenaires de la réussite éducative des jeunes dans les Laurentides) “Assises régionales” in Ste Jerome today. The theme was, “LES DÉCIDEURS DES LAURENTIDES, EN ACTION POUR LES JEUNES…”.

This was the first time I have attended a PREL event and I was suitably impressed. A great turnout, and most of the major “décideurs” from the region were in attendance.

A lot of statistics, and some of them quite surprising – the bottom line is that we have a problem with the dropout rate (nothing we didn’t know) and that we have a lot of people in the right places who really do care about it (something that is good to know!)

See these two summary docs for more.

Présentation du tableau | Tableau Final


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