School boards have to make budget choice, says Yves Bolduc

It makes for a good headline, I guess.

But let’s get real for a second here.  We have to “make budget choices”, says our Minister.

At what point do we say, sorry, but there are no more choices to make? We cannot do it?

Don’t we all wish we could say, “yes, let’s cut our family budget by 50%”, and miraculously, we could do so without absolutely destroying our capacity to live?

Come on – it’s enough of this.  You cut you cut and you cut.

Yes, our school board just spent a lot of money on travel.  And thank goodness you have a Council of Commissioners to oversee this – without us, this kind of thing would never even be known about.  And let’s hope that this trip pays for itself, and let’s hope that the Chair did not accept a free trip from a partner we just signed a large agreement with. I don’t have the details yet. But let’s hope.

But beyond all of that, let’s stop just saying, “cut it” when it comes to education, and expect that somehow some miracle money will descend from the heavens and we can simply maintain our cobbled together system that will continue to work.

Pay good people good money to deliver good work.  Require good work.  Invest in education.  Provide the tools.  Stop being so selfish and recognize that the future is what matters most.

Howzabout we do something right?

I’m in.




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