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Why education is the coolest thing in the world to be involved in.

I’ve been wondering lately, with all the ridiculous political balderdash and the embarrassingly stupid things we can see around the table, I have been wondering why in the world I want to be involved in education today.

Well – I happened to catch a couple of minutes of Sebastien Thrun interviewed on the Dylan Ratigan show – and I thought I might like the guy.  His education website, Udacity, looks very interesting.

Then I happened to see a Charlie Rose interview – and I *love* Charlie Rose interviews, so I clicked.

Now – I was enthralled with the whole geeky thing, but if all you are into is education, skip forward to the 10 minute mark and listen to this man talk about his experience as a Stanford professor in AI and how we took his class from 200 students to 160,000 students in every country around the world (save North Korea) and see how he graduated 23,000 students from that class.

This is the excitement in education today.  This is what is possible.  This is where it is going.  Any time you can be involved in something during such a massive paradigm shift, it’s an exciting time.  (Sorry for using the word “paradigm” – it normally makes me cringe to hear people say that these days, but really – here it fits.)

Watch and get excited about what we *can* do in education.





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