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Sacked. ?!?

I learned of this in the most unusual way.  A typical school story was being related by my guys at the end of a typical day.  The end of the story:

“… and then he was sacked.”

Pardon?  It didn’t make sense.  A football play at the end of this story?  Didn’t quite fit in.

“Whaddya mean, “sacked”?  In the hallway?”

“Yup – sacked.”

“Define:  ‘sacked’ for me?”

“Sacked – kicked in the nuts.”


“Is this … normal?”

“Yeah?  People get sacked all the time.”


Where does this stuff come from?  And how can we tolerate it?

Read this story and you’ll read how dangerous this has been for some.

And let’s just cut this one out right now.  This is medically dangerous and it is purely and simply assault.  Just because you’re within school walls doesn’t mean you’re not accountable.  Immediate suspension and immediate filing of assault charges with the police.  No exceptions.

Good Lord.  The line has to be drawn somewhere.




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Harry Potter fans…

Harry Potter did more for reading than most, in the past number of years.  For those true Harry Potter fans, check out this transcript of a JK Rowling forum at Carnegie Hall.


– thanks to my younger son, David, for passing this on to me.  🙂

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Access to English schools

I attended a joint press conference yesterday, at my old elementary school in Montreal – Nesbitt School.

It was a little odd to go back there as a school board commissioner.  I started in that school 40 years ago.  My Grandmother started in that school over 100 years ago.  Yes, I think we can safely say that my family has had a hand in building this city and has a real and long term stake in English education here.

The press conference was well put together and the solidarity amongst the boards was very clear.  A unified political voice – this is what school boards claim to represent for the English speaking community – and this is what we saw yesterday.

Read about it in the Suburban here.

Read about it at CBC here.

And see a report on it at CTV here.



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A “no brainer” way to increase grades in high schools

There is so much evidence out there that supports the belief that high school students should start their school day later in the day.

Edutopia is one of my favorite websites – and this week I came across yet another article supporting this.  Neat thing is that you can vote and record your thoughts on it too – and of the 3000 or so people who have voted so far, 84% of them agree that this is indeed real.

Record your vote and then take the two minutes to read what they have to say by clicking here.



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Temple Grandin at TED

A few weeks ago, I somehow found myself watching a movie that I had never heard of (I just don’t watch a lot of movies) and that I would typically not go anywhere near.

Better still – it was at 4am – so I will just have to chalk this one up to dumb luck.

Temple Grandin was the movie.  And wow – did I learn a lot.  Since watching it, I have spent a bit of time learning more about Temple Grandin; who she is, and what she has to offer the world.

Today, I happened on this TED talk – it’s 20 minutes that is *so* much worthwhile and especially so for those in education and/or those with children diagnosed with autism.



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