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Personal note on the last 4 weeks…

Due to an illness and subsequent death in the family, the past 4 weeks have been full of travel and personal priorities. My apologies. I did manage to squeeze in my first standing committee meeting between trips.


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First standing committee! CPRC – Communications and Public Relations Committee

My first standing committee meeting was the CPRC – Communications and Public Relations Committee. I was told this was one of the more fun committees, and it may also be that this field is a passion for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s interesting to see. Far less formal and far more discussion. Certain resolutions, mostly procedural, were passed.

Once again, I left a meeting feeling that the administrative staff is very good. I was able to bring in a couple of snippets of info that should result in an immediate savings – well received too.

A concern right now is our method of awarding contracts under $25,000 (not specific to this committee) – and in specific, how we are going about the renewal of our school board website. More to come on this.



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