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A new format!

I hope that you like the new format for this website.  I decided to try out WordPress – a real “blogging” software that will allow for searches, archiving and so much more.

One of the best features is the ability for you to comment – for so long now I have been getting your comments in email – now we can share them with the world!

Thanks again for your support and I hope that you like the new format.


Check out the “About” page for a current poll too! 


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English Textbooks – update

Well, it sure sounds like we’re going to have what we need.

Minister Courchesne told us at the QESBA conference and we seem to have had further confirmations since then – we should have virtually all the English textbooks that we need in time for September 2009.

Textbooks, “pedagogical materials”, whatever it is – all we want is to be sure that our teachers have all of the tools that they need so that they can teach our kids to the best of their abilities.

As it happens, I know a couple of translators who are working on translations for some of these books – and wow, is there a lot of pressure on them to perform over this summer.

So – there is no more need for a resolution calling for English textbooks if we’re going to have them.

Let’s hope that we really do.

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