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April 2008

It’s been a very busy month. We had our 3 day focus session; my first experience with this type of thing and I had been told that these were very useful exercises.

I found the workshops useful, but the time spent outside was perhaps the most valuable. Productive discussions and interesting debate – I think that in the end, this type of thing helps our school board run more smoothly.

We had a joint IT/ESD committee in our CLC in Laval – it’s very interesting to use the center and see the end results. Next month it will be a joint committee meeting again, but 1/2 in Lachute and 1/2 in Laval via video conference – putting the theory into practice.

This month’s council meeting was the longest one yet. The council passed a resolution that I believe is going to help support our schools long term behavioural issues. The Director General is also taking care of the immediate needs and I am looking forward to seeing more on this soon.

I am disappointed with the bussing policy that is now out for 60 day consultation. I believe that it is flawed and I believe that it can be fixed – I hope that we will take the time to do it.




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