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Early education is good? Who knew?!

It’s good to see an economic argument FOR investment in education.

“The scientific evidence is absolutely compelling that early childhood education has enormous benefits that in the long run far outweigh the costs,” Alexander said Tuesday.

Perhaps it’s time to move away from trying to squeeze money out of a system that is already running at the lowest administrative costs in any public sector service in Quebec and to look at how to invest in our education so that we see a long term GAIN in our province.

Just an idea.

Or we can complain about school boards some more.  That sure is helping.



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Oops, she did it again.

Pauline Marois seems to have a talent for wrecking things.

I visited my Doctor this pas week. We quickly dealt with some “health housekeeping” and then spent the next 10 mins talking about the current state of healthcare in Quebec, and how it was decimated by Pauline Marois the last time she had any power, and how we simply don’t have enough students in the right specialties coming  out of the system.

We talked about education as being a real investment. That we don’t treat it as such, so we are obviously seeing the dividends we could see if we did.

I am not always of fan of QESBA, but in this op-ed in The Gazette, they called it right.  The 1.8% increase is not going to cover the increase in costs.  Their estimate of the system losing almost 12 million means out board will likely lose another 1 million a year.

Thanks Quebec.  Thanks Pauline.  No worries – investments always work out when you don’t fund them.  After all, your choices from your last period in office have certainly proved that your judgement is sound.  Or not.




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It’s National Bullying Awareness Week!

What are *you* doing about it?

“Bullying is no longer considered a normal part of growing up but as a dangerous testing ground for some of the most pernicious forms of relational abuse, often with few consequences for the offender but many for the victim.”

See for more.

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