The state of this province

On Tous le Monde en Parle last night, PQ Minister Réjean Hébert showed his great concern that patients in hospitals should be free from the worry of their Doctor or Nurse wearing a hijab.

The idea that *this* is his priority, when Quebec hospitals and healthcare in general is in such a poor state? It’s pathetic. Time for an election and time to kick these sad clowns out.

“Those ostentatious symbols create a distance, and they could cause certain problems in the relationship between the nurse, the doctor and the patient, and that’s what should be avoided,” he said.

Read the story on The Montreal Gazette here.

Personally, I’m interested in educated, highly competent people who care about their patients. The idea that this government is actually concerned about their religion, or what they wear? 

Holy crap, this is ignorance beyond compare.

Aha! This is why the keep cutting money from education! Long term effort to expand their base! Keep ’em ignorant! I get it now…  they’re brilliant. Uh huh.




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