Not a great fan of Diane Ravitch, but this note on the “Common Core” is something we should understand

Diane Ravitch has gone a little overboard with her seeming endless hate for “school reform” and the role private business might play in it, but this note from a Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry presents exactly why a strict adherence to the “Common Core” is not the right path to follow.

Though the term “Common Core” is mainly associated with the USA these days, we too follow a similar path with age based groupings and the hugely specific benchmarks defined by MELS for what each student should have mastered at any given point.

I don’t know who he is, but he’s right.





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3 responses to “Not a great fan of Diane Ravitch, but this note on the “Common Core” is something we should understand

  1. Reteach 4 America

    “the role private business MIGHT play”? (emphasis added)

    Anyone who would say that has no clue about what has been happening to public education in America. Big business is DRIVING education here, especially Bill Gates, and politicians are in collusion, including in our major cities, like New York and Chicago, where the school districts are under mayor control, with appointed puppet school boards. They have been shutting down large numbers of neighborhood schools and then giving them to private (often for-profit) management organizations. Beware of the “Reign of Error” so that your country does not follow suit and also end up with an out of control movement to privatize public education.

    • See? This is part of why I am no longer listening to DR the way I used to.

      Ravitch and her disciples will not argue a point, or even comment on something without at least one overly aggressive attack on the opposing thought.

      You’re right. I must have “no clue” about what’s happening in the US education system.

      Well, either that, or I don’t entirely agree with you.



  2. Reteach 4 America

    You can get a glimpse of what the US has been dealing with here: “The Answer to the Great Question of Education Reform? The Number 42”

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