When schools are open, and welcoming…

It’s interesting to read this press release from our PQ government from just last week, recognizing that when schools are perceived to be more open and welcoming, parents get more involved.

And when parents are more involved in their children’s education, their children end up being better students.

How is this new proposed “Charter of Values” going to affect the openness and the welcoming atmosphere of our schools? I don’t see how it can help, but I *do* see how it will hurt.






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2 responses to “When schools are open, and welcoming…

  1. Ward 5

    Parent involvement in our schools is simply non-existent. Last night I attended the Annual General Assembly of the school my children attend and to my utter stupefaction, in attendance were 12 parents for a school of close to 1200 students. Of those in attendance there were 2 returning parents who’s kids have graduated and wish to remain active in the school as community representatives.

    A participation rate of 1%? Simply astounding

    This meeting’s purpose was to elect members of the schools governing board and there was almost no representation. Parents are invited to come get involved and participate more actively in the children’s education and seems that they just don’t care.

    It has been proven many times that parent involvement increases a child chances of graduating, yet here we are, given the opportunity to get involved and less than 1% show up. Where are our priorities?

  2. 1createblogs

    Very well written post

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