A meeting with Pauline Marois about school taxes

Apparently, Pauline Marois is interested in calling a little meeting for Quebec’s school boards and herself.

Video & story here.

There is nothing I would like more, but sadly, there is likely only vapour behind her hypocritical “tough talk”.  Mme Marois somehow has the gall to suggest that School Board’s have done something wrong, in instituting the forced tax increases that she herself has put in motion.

«Je suis tellement mécontente de la façon dont ont travaillé les commissions scolaires, on a un petit rendez-vous elles et moi et on va avoir une petite discussion sur cette question. Les citoyens ont raison d’être mécontents», a fustigé la première ministre.

There is ONE REASON school boards have raised taxes this year. Because the PQ Government forced us to.  PERIOD.  We are simply the tax collector here for Mme Marois’ Government. Not ONE additional penny is going to the School Board or to our schools. For her to suggest anything else is simply tripe.

Well done, Mme Marois. I didn’t think I could hold this Government in any more contempt. You managed to eke some more out of me.






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