God Forbid someone should go to an English school in Quebec.

Minister Diane De Courcy just issued a press release suggesting that exempting military families from Bill 14 is something akin to the unbelievable abuse of the law used by parents who pay THOUSANDS of dollars to go to a private school so that they can then have access to an English public school.

God Forbid.

God Forbid someone in Quebec should have the right to actually choose what language school their child goes to.

As I type this, I cannot fathom how we have let THIS much happen.  Let alone the idea that this new minority government thinks that they should add to the despicable yet still pathetic abuse that is already perpetrated on the English community of Quebec.  One of the founding peoples of this province.

This is not normal.  This is not acceptable.  In actuality, it runs counter to international law.  Article TWO of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights expressly condemns discrimination based on language.  ARTICLE TWO.  You don’t have to read very much to see that THE WORLD doesn’t accept this.

What is it that these people do not understand?!?

As I said to a bilingual (French first language) friend yesterday, when asked to comment on how *should* French be protected, as we all want it to be in Quebec. I wrote to him:

Focus on the advantages of speaking French. Help people fall in love with the culture. Simply “be” the people and the place where others want to be. Encourage pride in the language and culture and dismiss any idea that it is too weak to survive without laws to protect it. Set an example that others want to emulate.

The example that Diane De Courcy and her gang of language thugs is nothing to emulate.  Our province has become an international laughing stock.  Look up “pastagate” on Google and you’ll see over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND results.  Yup, that’s what the world thinks when it thinks of Quebec right now.

This is pathetic.  It is not good for Quebec.  It is not good for the French language or our shared culture of Quebec.  It serves nothing but to allow pathetic politicians to pull on the heartstrings of those too ignorant to know better.  This is not how French is going to thrive in Quebec.  This does not elicit pride in the language, the culture or the province.  It elicits contempt.

It truly is pathetic, in every possible way.




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