If we want the best, shouldn’t we at least try and offer the best?

“Interviewing departing teachers more purposefully would help us get a better understanding of why teachers are leaving the field in such high numbers. If we truly want to retain our teachers, we will need to offer not only higher salaries and other perks, but also improved working conditions.”

Read more in The Gazette

How much do we spend to graduate a teacher? And this, so that we can lose 40% of them before they have been on the job for five years?  Where is this society’s priority?

The first thing we really do need to know is exactly what Ms. Melnyk suggest we find out – why are they leaving?  We may think we know, but thorough exit interviews that have a common baseline will give us the real answers.

Some of the answers are likely money. Some are likely frustration with a system that is not changing at the rate society is changing.  Some no doubt relate to the frustrations from the perceived “low social status”.

If we as a society really care about education, we as a society need to value those people who teach our children.  Teaching has to become as sought after a career as it is in a Finland, or a Singapore.  We need to value it, we need to pay for it – society will reap the rewards for the investment.

What we’re doing right now is not working.  It’s about time we face that.




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