Best case against getting rid of school boards I have ever seen.

Over at the BBC, we have a 30 minute documentary on a major scam that has affected some schools in the UK.  It boils down to the decentralizing of some fairly major IT decision back to the school level and away from the professional IT people and their buyers.

Laptops worth 458 pds costing 3033 pds, copiers worth 1512 pds costing 42,000 pds, and multi function copiers worth 10,995 pds costing 174,787 pds.

Are the principals or head teachers placing these orders “stupid”?  Absolutely not.  But a professional director of IT and/or a professional purchasing agent would have known how to recognize and avoid this leasing scam.

Some services being centralized simply make sense.  A single professional is going to make a better purchasing decision than will individual principals whose profession is educational management, and not in purchasing IT – as it should be.

If you have a UK proxy, or a subscription to a BBC mobile app,. the show in question is here:




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