Quebecers back merit pay for teachers: poll

CBC reports on a poll from Leger Marketing that suggests that a great majority of Quebeckers back the idea of merit pay for teachers.

The article points out that it is difficult to find a measure that actually works, but that when done at a very local level, it can work.

I believe that great teachers should earn more than average teachers. But how do you measure it? How do you make certain that favoritism has no role to play? What influences should be considered and how should they be weighted?

No system is perfect. The current system is clearly in need of repair.

But do we really need merit pay?

Let me call out a teacher right here – at Rosemere High School, we have an English teacher named Keith Bellamy. Our family has been lucky enough to have him.  Everyone I know who has dealt with him has been thrilled. In a group on Facebook that brings together RHS alumni, the most common name to read is Keith Bellamy, with students over the past 20+ years saying how much this man has influenced their lives in such positive ways. The man changes lives.

And to top it off, I believe he has been eligible for retirement for a couple of years now – but he keeps coming back, and giving his all to teach our kids.

Great teachers don’t do it for the money, or the recognition.  They do it because they have a passion, and the reward is in fulfilling that passion.  And that is an amazing thing.

But – wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to reward this type of person relative to his impact on people’s lives?

I don’t know how anyone could argue that we shouldn’t.

Merit pay has its merit.




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