Home schooling. Good? Bad? Ugly?

For the past several months, I have been learning a lot about home schooling. I have been lucky enough to meet a fantastic advocate for home schooling in our territory. She recently took her child out of one of our elementary schools and has decided to home school her children.

It’s been an exciting year for her. And it’s been fun to be on the sidelines hearing about it, reading about it and learning about it.

Now, I am a commissioner in a school board. So I must think home schooling is bad, right?

Actually, no. I don’t.

A school board’s mandate is to support education in its territory. And home schoolers educate in our territory. So the question is – what are we doing to support home schoolers in our territory?

Unfortunately, from the answers I have been getting from our home schoolers, it may be that we’re not doing enough.

Something to work on…





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3 responses to “Home schooling. Good? Bad? Ugly?

  1. This is a refreshing attitude towards homeschooling. Yes! Homeschoolers need support too!

  2. Anonymous

    I really appreciate this post. I would love to stop living in fear of the school board, and instead be able to turn to them with questions and concerns.

  3. Kathleen Taylor

    I wish I would have heard you say this years ago while I was homeschooling. I did receive some support from certain staff members but you could tell that while they personally supported what we were doing, they felt torn between policy and what they felt was right. Changes are needed and people need to speak about homeschooling. It’s not a dirty word. We all have the same goals. Educating our children to the best of our abilities.

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