Teaching Paperless – can we do it?

David Andrade has written a simple but very useful post (links & resources to check out!) on how he teaches physics without textbooks, but with a myriad of resources that are current, flexible and interactive.

A good quote:

These resources are free (except for MSS and DE Streaming), accessible from anywhere, constantly updated, interactive, multimedia, and explain the concepts very well. Why do I need 150 copies of a textbook, at $100 each, that will be outdated before they get to me, can get damaged or lost, can’t update, and have no links or activities?

100 times $150 is $15,000 – and yes, they get damaged, lost, can be outdated and have no links or activities.

Or we can use a modular approach, and develop teaching modules that are current and that teach in a way that students today learn.

Seems like a simple choice, no?

And yes, locally, we have “reform” and so on – but let’s be serious – we can develop teaching modules that respond to Quebec’s education reform.  Perhaps more-so than our textbooks are doing, I would say.




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