Virtual art gallery visits – amazing.

Google Art Project – I didn’t see this one coming, but I should have.  Street View inside galleries – it’s just amazing.

Check it out.


“Google has announced a collaboration with 17 of the world’s most acclaimed art museums that lets people view over 1,000 high res artwork images and 17 gigapixel images while taking a virtual stroll through their galleries using Street View technology. While nothing can beat seeing a work of art in person, the Google Art Project could be the next best thing for those without the time and money to pop on a plane and trade elbows with crowds of tourists looking to catch a glimpse of what some of the best museums have on offer.”

Ever neat.




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One response to “Virtual art gallery visits – amazing.

  1. D. Lewis

    This is amazing. I’m so glad you posted it. You can see things on the paintings that you would not even see in a museum.

    Super for parents and children to share together. I’m very impressed.

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