USA DOE has a National Education Technology Plan

Have you seen it?  Click here, but be forewarned – this is not all written as a “user-friendly” document.  It is, however, a well thought out and fairly complete series of documents.

The model for learning presented in this plan assumes that we will develop, adopt, and ensure equitable access to a technology-based education system that provides effective learning experiences, assessments, and teaching and a comprehensive infrastructure for learning to support both formal education and all other aspects of learning. It also assumes we will incorporate many of the practices other sectors regularly use to improve productivity and manage costs and will leverage technology to enable or enhance them.

For those of us interested in “data driven decision making”, the following part of the plan is of interest:

Design and validate an integrated approach for capturing, aggregating, mining, and sharing content, student-learning, and financial data cost-effectively for multiple purposes across many learning platforms and data systems in near real time.

And not to be out done, the measurement and effectiveness of assessments is in there too:

Design and validate an integrated system for designing and implementing valid, reliable, and cost-effective assessments of complex aspects of 21st-century expertise and competencies across academic disciplines.

This is of particular importance to me as I learn more about the difficulties of measuring effective teaching.

All-in-all, this is a good read if you are interested in seeing what direction the US is headed as regards tech in education, and really, education in general.  It goes much further than saying we should all have 1-to-1 ratios and smartboards and all will be well – this is deeper thinking on how technology can positively impact learning from the ground up.




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