McGuinty Government Launches Bullying Awareness And Prevention Week

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Ontario has designated the third week of every November as Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.

The week is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of bullying-related issues and make a difference in school communities across the province. Since 2004 the Ontario government has supported a number of safe schools initiatives to create safe and inclusive school environments including:

  • Safe schools teams in every Ontario school
  • A partnership with Kids Help Phone to support over 50,000 students who have been bullied or faced other issues
  • The Keeping Our Kids Safe at School Act, which requires all board employees to report incidents of bullying to the principal, and requires principals to contact the parents of victims. Ontario is the first province in Canada with legislation of this kind; making schools even safer and leading the way for its students to succeed.

A safe and positive learning environment is an important part of the province’s Open Ontario Plan and is essential for student success.  All students have the right to feel safe and welcome in their school community.




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2 responses to “McGuinty Government Launches Bullying Awareness And Prevention Week

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this important and timely post.

    As a parent, educator and the founder of the annual National Bullying Awareness Week, I would like to share four Websites I have created that seek to prevent bullying through education and awareness. I hope that they may be of help, information and support to others.
    The world’s most visited and referenced Website about bullying
    The world’s first Website about cyberbullying
    The official Website of the annual Bullying Awareness Week
    Offering research-based, Moodle-supported online courses and Webinars about bullying and cyberbullying for educators and parents.

    Here is some information about my background as it relates to this issue:

    I hope that you and your community will find help, information and support with these educational resources I have created.


    Bill Belsey

    President, Canada
    “Where you are NOT alone!”


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