Only 55 per cent of Quebec public school students complete their schooling within five years

Is it just me, or is this just an awful headline to read?

Brenda Branswell of The Montreal Gazette this week wrote:

The on-time graduation rate is even less impressive. The overall percentage of students who graduated on time after five years of high school in 2008-09 was 61 per cent, and only 55 per cent at public schools.

55% at public schools? Yes, we can fiddle with the number and somehow conclude that we should now be looking at a 7 year “success rate”. but the bottom line to me and many others is 55% graduation rate. In the time we used to expect students to finish in.

That’s just plain awful.  That spells C R I S I S.

So what are we doing about it?

Well, we have new partnership agreements that the provincial government has signed with school boards. We have Management & Educational Success Agreements that the school boards have signed with schools. We have goals. We have measures. Kinda.

But is this really any different than what we had 10 years ago?  I don’t see it. We had “educational projects” in schools. We had “success plans” that encompassed our “educational projects”. We had “strategic plans” signed with the Gov. So what is different?

We had an special education summit in Quebec last week. From what I was told from certain delegates in attendance, there was some good talk about what could be done. And then, the new Minister read from a prepared speech – yes, a speech that was written BEFORE she listened to the “feet on the street”. So you can imagine how the delegates felt that their input had been taken to heart. There was some real *listening* going on there.

So – what have we done?  What are we going to do?

Are we really willing to accept a 55% graduation rate from public schools?

I say NO.

So let’s change it.




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