Minister puts special needs on front burner

From the Montreal Gazette.

Quebec – Private schools and public ones with a special vocation are being asked to play a bigger role in the integration of special needs students.

That was one of the solutions announced by Education Minister Line Beauchamp Monday following a brainstorming session with dozens of education officials.

Those two types of schools must re-examine their way of operating and admit special needs students and ensure their success during their education, said Beauchamp, who noted that some private schools already admit struggling students.

Beauchamp said she wanted to sit down with the network of private schools and talk about their “contribution as a corporate citizen” to the success of special needs children, just like public schools that select students.

“There is an obligation for results,” Beauchamp added.
Read more at The Gazette…


My own take on special needs in our schools:

We need to educate everyone. And we need the resources to do so.  Integration “At Any Cost” is a mistake for everyone involved. But integration as an ideal serves the greater good for society as a whole.

We need to listen to our teachers and our administrators and provide the resources that they are begging for so that we can meet the needs.  No excuses – let’s just do it, but the only way to succeed is to provide appropriate funding for appropriate resources.




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