A very cool collaborative educational experience

Tonight, I saw the following tweet on twitter:

Within 40 minutes, 50 collaborators from around the world had contributed to a google docs document, filling it with great ideas and thoughtful remarks.

Links, questions, answers – it’s all there.

Vancouver.  Montreal.  Philadelphia.  Waco.  California.  Alberta.  To name just a few.

It’s actually one of  the neater ed tech things I have seen.  Twitter, Google Docs and People.

No smart boards. No class rooms even – just simple tools and intelligent collaboration.

While adding my own note in the doc, I was of course reading other notes. Building. Thinking. Reading, and looking things up.

So 40 minutes after the original tweet, a complete document was on hand. Formatted. Well presented. International input.


How cool would it be if we applied this to note taking in class? Different students pick up on different points. Some things may be more important to one over another. But all together, in one document – shared by all of the students.

Would one or two not contribute? Sure. Lurkers is what we often call them. But is it possible that they would learn though? And isn’t that the actual goal?

Would the class as a whole benefit? I think so.

And what about that student who missed that class because she was home sick? She wouldn’t have to scramble around and try to find notes from someone who can maybe scan them or maybe fax them or maybe just have missed some of the more important points that were actually made in that class.

This *is* what we can do.  This *is* what is available – now.  This *will* result in greater learning.

I was thrilled to take part in this tonight. And I was especially happy to see the note on one of my two additions suggesting that this point would be the presenter’s closing point.  🙂




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