Bill 115 – keeping ignorance front and center.

Reading CBC this morning, “Controversial Quebec language law adopted”, I see the following quote:

Marguerite Bilodeau, who was among the demonstrators, says she’s concerned about the consequences of Bill 115 on the future of the French language in Quebec.

“Slowly but surely the English will get to go to English schools more and more so, and this is what I’m worried about,” Bilodeau said.

God forbid that the English get to go to English schools.  This IS, after all, Quebec – my English family’s home for over 100 years now, and a province in a country called Canada.

It is obscene that this kind of thought is imaginable, let alone spoken aloud.

The funny thing?  The local high school that my children attend and that educates students from my ward considers more than half of its students “French Mother Tongue”.  Francophones.  But these Francophones are special – they have little blue eligibility certificates.  The other ones? Sorry – you don’t have a choice.  And the PQ, and seemingly the Liberals all agree that you should not have that choice.

We English Quebecers have a choice.  Many of my English friends send their children to French schools. We have the right to choose.  And pretty much all of us choose to learn and speak French too, by the way.  We end up bilingual and have greater access to the world.  You?  Your politicians try to keep you unilingual, and unable to function in a great part of the world.

So who is really being oppressed here?  The politicians continue to oppress French Quebec.  And French Quebec includes people like Marguerite Bilodeau who are worried that English families have access to English schools.

Good job keeping the people ignorant, Quebec.



-nb- Wouldn’t it be nice to have one provincial school system that provided a world class education to all of our kids, producing bilingual graduates who would thrive in our shared Quebecois culture, living mostly in French because we love the language and the culture, and lead and succeed in Canada and around the world?

That would take actual leadership though – so I guess not.

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