2 billion more on prisons

CBC news reports:

The commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada says he’ll need to spend about $2 billion to deal with the increase in prisoners due to the Conservatives’ law-and-order agenda.

Here’s a thought – why not spend a little more money on education?

Conforming to Merton’s earlier sociological theories, a survey of inmates in state prisons in the late 1990s showed very low education levels. Many could not read or write above elementary school levels, if at all. The most common crimes committed by these inmates were robbery, burglary, automobile theft, drug trafficking, and shoplifting. Because of their poor educational backgrounds, their employment histories consisted of mostly low wage jobs with frequent periods of unemployment.

Looks fairly clear, this one, no?

The way I see it, we have two choices here:  1)  INVEST in education or 2) SPEND on imprisonment.

What’s your choice?  I suspect that you know what mine is.





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