Dueling editorials in the Washington Post

A couple of interesting reads – first, we have a “manifesto” from some of the biggest names in education in the USA.

How to fix our schools: A manifesto by Joel Klein, Michelle Rhee and other education leaders

The theme is once again centered around quality teachers.  As it should be – there is no greater influence in the classroom.  The question remains though – how do we measure quality, and how do we make certain that these teachers have all of the resources and support that they need?  Which brings me to the next op-ed:

Randi Weingarten: Don’t scapegoat America’s teachers

Ms Weingarten is right – we cannot just point the finger and think that we are somehow now establishing accountability – we’re not.  Teachers are the front line.  They are the most important.

But what we do contributes to the foundation for them to be able to succeed. What students do, and how they choose to behave.  What we do as parents. What we we do as citizens. What administrators do.  And certainly what we do as elected officials.  If teachers are to be held accountable, and they must be, so must we all be held accountable.




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