Anti bullying resources online

Bullying is very much in the news these days. But an interesting note on ABC’s 20/20 this past Friday – the announcers said that bullying is a subject that they are focusing again – but that it is something that they also reported on in depth almost 20 years ago.

Is it different today?  The common belief is YES – and that belief almost always comes down to the fact that there is no getting away from it today.  In this tech savvy world with ubiquitous devices and connectivity – there really is no safe place.

This is a link to The Surviving Bullies Charity, with a list of useful online resources.

It all comes down to respect, in my mind.  This is what prompted the creation of our school board’s Guidelines on Safety & Respect – but this really is just the first step.

Define what it is that we expect to achieve – done.

Now – we need to make it happen.  Every day, everywhere in and around our schools.  No excuses – let’s just make it happen.




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