Lester B. Pearson School Board continues to lead.

I am an advocate of accessibility and transparency.  And frankly, I am jealous – I wish our school board would learn from the success of Lester B’s webcasting of meetings.

The Gazette had an interesting article on the LBPSB and its webcasting of meetings, and the fact that they are stepping it up again, inviting feedback during meetings.

Tabachnick is thrilled with the dramatic increase in community participation and believes it makes the board more accessible and transparent.

Last year, the board’s meetings had about 65,000 viewers who spent about 12,000 hours watching the webcasts.

I have brought it to the table on several occasions at the committee level.  To no avail – no one else even seems interested at our school board.

Congrats Lester B – I truly believe that this is the right path to be on.  And congrats to Marcus for making it happen.




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