Bill Gates weighs in on charter schools

Last week’s Maclean’s mag has a good interview with Bill Gates, titled:

Bill Gates on what’s wrong with public schools

Obviously Gates is interested in charter schools; he is funding many of them with his foundation.

Interesting notes in the article for me were:

1) The volunteer effect. The issue is that charter schools will naturally have greater success because they attract motivated families. Of interest is the data that shows that those students who applied but did not win a lottery position, though they do in fact do better than those who never bothered to apply, they still achieve vastly lower grades.

2) Gates’ comment on the size of textbooks here relative to the size of textbooks in Asia; after all, Asian schools seem to outscore North American schools in math all the time. Their textbooks much be bigger and better? Well – yes, they are better. But they are half the size of ours. Greater focus, perhaps?

Just two snippets of information that intrigued me. Read the article yourself by clicking here.



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