The Suburban says: Get over it!

In my post on bill 103 the other day, I wrote:

GET OVER IT.  This is yesterday’s argument.  It doesn’t belong in a modern Quebec society.  We are better than this.

I really mean that.  And it was very interesting for me to read this morning an op-ed from The Suburban, with pretty much the same message, but some more fun facts too.

This is just more of the politics of the big lie. But maybe it’s time to talk about a dirty little secret that’s been kept hidden under Quebec’s historical revisionism.

That secret is that since 1976 some 400,000 Francophones have voted with their feet and moved to Toronto. An almost equal number moved to south Florida. Their demographics are different, but their message is the same. Francophones who said “Ca suffit! It’s enough!”

And then, let’s focus for a second on what happens at the university level:

Today another such message is being heard and from the unlikeliest of places: Francophone universities. Students have had enough with being hindered in continental competition. They have had enough with the statist policies of paternalism and control. They know they can compete and they don’t want to be held back anymore. As of last year Montreal had more college and university students than Boston.

The message of young people is clear. Get real! Get with the program! Let us live our lives. The old battles are over. We are comfortable as francophones and as cosmopolitan North Americans. English is not a threat and we’d like to learn even more languages so that our career opportunities can be greater.

The argument against allowing educational choice for all Quebecers is obscene.  The language debate is over.  Only the dinosaurs believe otherwise.  It’s time to move on, and to use this waste of our collective energy to make our Quebec an even better place for all of us.




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