A post with a link to Oprah?

Yes, that’s what this is.

A commissioner friend called me yesterday to ask if I had seen Oprah the other day.

No, I hadn’t.  I hardly have time to blink, let alone to set aside time for Oprah?  Well, I kinda wish I had seen this one.

“The Shocking State of our Schools” was the subject – click here to read all about it.

Yes, this relates to American schools and our Canadian schools are very different.  But.  We do share many of the same woes.  And many of solutions will easily apply here too.

Of great interest to me these days is the success of “Charter Schools”, and if you’re interested in learning more about them and why so many people are excited about them, click here.  The Denver School of Science and Technology is profiled on this page – this is a school that I spent a day touring last November, and frankly, I could not believe just how great this place really seems to be.

Oprah – I would never have thought that I would be posting about Oprah.  🙂




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One response to “A post with a link to Oprah?

  1. D. Lewis

    There is a new documentary coming out tomorrow, called “Waiting for Superman,” on which the show was based.

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