Rally against Bill 103 – but it’s not what you may think…

From the Gazette:

Mario Beaulieu, head of the Société St. Jean Baptiste, opened the rally by warning Jean Charest’s Liberal government that “our language has no price. Bill 101 is not for sale.”

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/opinion/reader-comments/Rally+against+Bill+draws/3545572/story.html#ixzz106heqcyG


“Bill 101 is not for sale”.

Good – ’cause I ain’t buying.

I am sick to death of this kind of baloney.  Sick to death of it.

I am an English Quebecer.  I am a proud English Quebecer.  I choose to live here because I love it here.  I am born here.   My family has been here for over 110 years.  My family has contributed in great ways to the development of our cities and our province.  THIS IS MY HOME TOO.

I speak French.  I am happy to speak French.  I would love our schools to be providing an even better bilingual education.  I applaud the efforts of the English Quebec school system in its devotion to bilingualism.

Is there some reason that our Government can’t show its English citizens some basic respect?

How about showing its French citizens some basic respect too?  Why can’t they choose what schools their children can go to?

Look – we are all Quebecers.  We share a culture – that culture belongs not only to French Quebecers, but it belongs to English Quebecers too.  We share it.  Our culture includes a strong and dominant French fact and it includes English Quebecers too.

GET OVER IT.  This is yesterday’s argument.  It doesn’t belong in a modern Quebec society.  We are better than this.




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