Commissioner Expense Accounts

Always a hot topic. And one that is a source of derision for many voters. But what does it really amount to?

I have filed expense reports over the period that I have been a commissioner. I have filed for travel to and from schools and events. I have filed reports for hotel and meal expenses while away at a conference. I have made what I deem to be legitimate expense claims.

But I see some school boards go even further with their expense claims. Lester B. for a local one – click here and see that they list them all, monthly, by commissioner.

And then, check this one out in Fort Worth – in an article labeled:

Fort Worth school board president takes another step toward transparency

Great detail in this one.

I, for one, would be all for this type of detail in expense reports being reported to our tax payers.  It’s interesting to note that in Fort Worth, they are even including cell phone usage in this list.

So my question to you:

Should Quebec school boards provide this level of transparency as it relates to commissioner expense accounts?  Should it extend to administrators as well?




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