School taxes – how we can fix it and move on.

This is a snippet from a piece I am collaborating on with several business and education leaders in Quebec:


School boards collect taxes.  These taxes go to Quebec.  Monies are then distributed to school boards according to social and economic realities of the regions.

So why do we collect these taxes separately?  Why do we have 69 school boards responsible for collecting these taxes? What purpose does it serve?  The first step in reforming school boards should be the unification of tax collection, outside of the realm of individual school boards.

The issue we have in Laval now is an issue this same board has had for years now in the Laurentians – as I recall from an email from the local Commissioner, the Commission Scolaire des Laurentides is billing somewhere around $0.19/100 this year.  Our school board rate is at $0.35/100.

Why the variance in the amounts?  Why do we have so many little bureaucracies spread about the province preparing tax bills, mailing them out, collecting them?  The actual amounts school boards have per student is the same, after equalization, so what’s the point?

How does any of this add to the value of education delivered in our schools?

The answer:  Unify school tax collection into a single, provincial agency.  Apply the same tax rate to all taxpayers.

Isn’t this an easy one to just *fix* and be done with?




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