WiFi / EMF in schools

The Barrie, Ontario case has had a lot of press this summer.  The issue is EHS (electrohypersensitivity) and the suggestion that EMF is a contributing factor.

There is no credible scientific evidence that Wi-Fi or any other source of EMF can cause EHS.

If this is a cause for concern, please click here for the real science behind it, provided to me by Dr. Joe Schwarcz, PHD and Director of the McGill University Office for Science and Society.  He is one of the most interesting and entertaining *real* scientists I have the pleasure of listening to.




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One response to “WiFi / EMF in schools

  1. D. Lewis

    Hi Steve,

    You have multiple links to articles regarding the Wi-Fi in schools issue and these certainly show the correct position regarding this.

    What I found most interesting is the statement that parents must do their homework before taking up a position that they believe as true. Critical thinking is so important with something like this. And, indeed, the school boards should not ignore them. It should acknowledge their concerns and find the evidence they should know about – as you did.

    Thank you for this. Most informative and most appreciated.

    D. Lewis

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