The Little Red Schoolhouse

Does it make sense that we continue to educate in exactly the same fashion as we did 75 years ago?

We live in a different world today. And the big question is:  Are we educating students to succeed in today’s world, tomorrow’s world of perhaps … yesterday’s world?

The framework of what we do must change.  The fact is that we do indeed have many of the right people place to teach our kids.  But we handcuff them.  We hold them back.  We are not helping them to do what they really want to do.

Let’s face it – most teachers are in it not for the fame and fortune – they are in it for the love of what they do.  And if we can help them do more and to have a real effect on students lives, they will be thrilled.

Read this Edutopia article on “breaking the mold” – it’s a good read.




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