Freda Lewkowicz – could we be luckier?

Freda Lewkowicz has taught my children (entering grades 9 & 10 at Rosemere High this year) and I hope we get her again and again still.

Read her latest article here:

I am one of the first ones to complain when I see something that I perceive as being wrong with our schools and especially in my own school where y kids attend.  But I am also one of the first ones to laud the good things that are going on.

Freda Lewkowicz is one of those teachers that makes a difference.  Some real learning goes on in her classes.  Some life learning.  And even at that, there is more.

Public schools have their issues.  But at the same time, public schools have some of the best teachers out there.  And I, for one, am thankful that we’ve got this one.




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