Sacked. ?!?

I learned of this in the most unusual way.  A typical school story was being related by my guys at the end of a typical day.  The end of the story:

“… and then he was sacked.”

Pardon?  It didn’t make sense.  A football play at the end of this story?  Didn’t quite fit in.

“Whaddya mean, “sacked”?  In the hallway?”

“Yup – sacked.”

“Define:  ‘sacked’ for me?”

“Sacked – kicked in the nuts.”


“Is this … normal?”

“Yeah?  People get sacked all the time.”


Where does this stuff come from?  And how can we tolerate it?

Read this story and you’ll read how dangerous this has been for some.

And let’s just cut this one out right now.  This is medically dangerous and it is purely and simply assault.  Just because you’re within school walls doesn’t mean you’re not accountable.  Immediate suspension and immediate filing of assault charges with the police.  No exceptions.

Good Lord.  The line has to be drawn somewhere.




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