Shared PD session with LBPSB

Did you know that a Saturday morning at 7:30am would see 40+ commissioners and administrators attending a shared Professional Development session at the board office in Dorval of the Lester B. Pearson school board?

That’s what we had yesterday morning.  A smart move from both boards, because we could share the costs of the speaker (Michel Nadeau) and in fact, learn even more from each other too.

The PD session was on Governance.  What it is.  How Law 88 changes things.  (It’s not a bill anymore; it *is* the law.)  And what makes a board of directors function at its best.

I took a fair bit out of this 4 hour session.  It confirmed a lot of my interpretations on Law 88.  And it made me question some others.  All-in-all, a good thing.

Michel Nadeau is the Director General of the Institute for Governance.  A key point in his presentation was “the four C’s” required in an effective board member:

– Character, Competence, Curiosity and Contribution.

And thankfully, he went on to define “contribution” a little more.  🙂

The role of the Chair defined, in that the Chair is the official spokesperson of the board and that no one could speak on behalf of the board but him, but that obviously does not mean that commissioners are not to speak on their own behalf, and on their constituents behalf.  And the role of the chair being that of facilitator, looking to draw ideas and debate from the council, and even encouraging those who may not contribute as much to voice their opinions.

A good session.




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