Results from the SpeakUp survey are out!

The survey that the folks at Project Tomorrow put out has been of great interest to me ever since I met them at my first T&L conference in 2008.

The results from this last one are out, and they are showing us some very interesting things indeed.

It’s very unfortunate that our school board did not take an active role in participating in this survey; hopefully we will participate in it this coming year. It’s free and it would be great to see where we stand amongst the crowd:

In fall 2009, Project Tomorrow surveyed 299,677 K-12 students, 26,312 parents, 38,642 teachers, 1,987 preservice teachers and 3,947 administrators representing 5,757 schools and 1,215 districts including public (97 percent) and private (3 percent) schools. Schools were located in urban (38 percent), suburban (31 percent) and rural (32 percent) communities.

Click here to see the report.




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One response to “Results from the SpeakUp survey are out!

  1. D. Lewis

    Hi Steve,

    This is a super survey. It has so much good information in it. You say that we will hopefully participate this coming year. What can we do to help make that happen?

    Please let us know how we can help!

    Thanks for this blog. You always have very interesting articles, surveys, comments … Keep up the good work! It is much appreciated.

    D. Lewis

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