Homework – good or bad?

Interesting question, as I sit here with my grade 8 kid who was up at 5am to finish homework from last night and who is up still now after 10pm doing homework from today…

But – I *do* think homework is a good thing … in high school.  And “homework” is good in elementary school too, in my books.  Little play on words  there – it must be late.  Yes, “in my books” because homework *could* be defined as simply:  reading.

The elementary school in my ward has done some interesting things this year.  An Olympics styled reading competition, and a move to trying reading as the primary assigned homework.

Today’s Gazette has an interesting article found here.

Reading is the foundation … well, it’s just The Foundation.  If kids can read, and if they enjoy reading, they have the basis to learn.

We’re lucky in my house.  Or maybe we made our own luck here – but our guys simply love to read.  We have hundreds if not thousands of books here.  And we read together as a family – still.  Remember – my guys are 13 and 14 years old – and we’ll still have my talented wife reading aloud with all of us.  Nobody does voices better than her.  🙂

So maybe reading should be  the mainstay of homework in elementary school.  And in high school?  Well, this is where they have to learn to plan and to manage a workload.  It’s 10:15pm – my 13 year old is finishing up for the day.  He produces top-of-the-line work – but me thinks he’s got some work to do on time management.

Wouldn’t that be a practical theme for a high school class?  Time Management?  Project Management?  🙂




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