To censure, or not to censure?

An interesting story comes out of Toronto this morning on the role of a school board trustee…

Constitutional lawyers told the Star the board has no right to stop Matlow from speaking out.

“I think Matlow is doing exactly what we want school trustees to do,” said Ed Morgan, a law professor at the University of Toronto. “He’s speaking his mind and speaking in criticism of board decisions. That’s why we elect independent thinkers.”

The Toronto District School Board is considering a motion of censure for the trustee in question.

The issue relates to a professional development event in their district – the cost of which seems to be $345,00 for the singe day conference.  That price tag does sound quite high, especially in the all-too-familiar context of school closures, support-staff cuts and the abolishing of some at-risk programs for youths.

The ACDSA article can be found here.

No one should go off tossing garbage just for the sake of tossing garbage around.  But, offering a reasoned critique of a public body?  Yes, that’s why people are elected.  Not to just go along for the ride.




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