Lewkowicz is back!

Freda Lewkowicz is one of our teachers at Rosemere High School.  We’ve been lucky enough to have her teach one of our children.  My son echoes my thoughts when he says, “She is a Great Teacher”.

How sad then, at the end of Teacher Appreciation week to read her article today.


The Arcand interview was interesting.  His style in interviewing is a lot of fun – he really doesn’t give the Minister any wiggle room.

But, his focus on, “what’s the deal with those Jewish schools” and, “why are you capitulating to those Jewish schools” was a reminder of just how lost a lot of Quebec is when it comes to this core bigotry. It’s embarrassing.  And I don’t even think he knows it.

Lewkowicz goes on to write about integration without resources.  Burnout.  Stress beyond stress.  Reform being reformed?

Have we lost 10 years to this experiment?  My kids are in grades 8 & 9 – so reform is all we know.  Luckily, implementation of reform hasn’t taken all teaching off the table.  We’re actually doing quite well, despite the reform.  Because we have lucked into teachers like Mrs. Lewkowicz – teachers who love to teach, and who manage to do so despite the situation that surrounds them.

On this last day of teacher appreciation week, I’ll just say THANK YOU to Mrs. Lewkowicz and to all of our teachers who continue to make a difference, despite the world around them.




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