Another great resource, iLearnTechnology

How about a website that not only suggests very current resources for learning in the classroom, but that also gives concrete examples of how to integrate them into your actual teaching day?

How to integrate NBC Olympics- Olympic Science into the classroom: My students are always shocked to learn that there is a lot of math and science in athletics.  These videos show students exactly how closely science and math are entwined in everyday life.  Olympic Science videos are for students who are forever asking the question “how am I going to use this?” (and shouldn’t they all be asking this!).  In the bottom right hand corner of the Olympic Science site you will find more science data.  These are quick facts about the science in the sport.   I really enjoy using video in the classroom, students can watch, rewind, pause, and re-think the concepts they are seeing.  Combine the Olympic Science site with a Wallwisher where students describe the science in the sport, or create a Wordle with new science vocabulary that students learned.

Check out iLearnTechnology and see this post, then have a look at the treasure trove in the full site.




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  1. Being apply to show students how what they are learning applies to real – life is one of the best academic motivators.

    Thank you for sharing Steve!

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