Music programs in our schools

Last night, I had the true thrill of attending a Quebec Band Association concert at Vanier College.  High achieving students from throughout the greater Montreal English school boards were invited to participate in this two day event.  Friday evening, students met and had their initial practices – students had been given the music that they were to perform in their own schools before Christmas.

Students then spent the full day Saturday – from 9am through 6pm – learning, perfecting and rehearsing.  Two concerts were put on; a junior band and a senior band.


What a performance!  What dedication!  What an experience!  THANK YOU to the organizers, and THANK YOU to our music teacher for his dedication and true devotion.

The guest conductor for our junior band, Mr Rowan Fitzgerald, a winner of the Prime Minsiter’s Award for Teaching Excellence, was poignant in his plea for additional support for music and band programs in our schools.

There is considerable evidence that music and band play a central role in learning.

Learning music helps young people do better in school and in life. Research tells us that students active in school music programs are more successful; students say their commitment to music keeps them focused and motivated in everything they pursue.

… taken from

And a powerpoint presentation, clear and concise reasons why music education is so important can be found by clicking here.

Some interesting snippets from the presentation:

Music programs keep students engaged in school and less likely to drop out.

Music enhances the process of learning. The systems theynourish, which include our integrated sensory, attention, cognitive, emotional and motor capacities, are shown to be the driving forces behind all other learning.

With music in schools, students connect to each other better, greater camaraderie, fewer fights less racism and reduced use of hurtful sarcasm.

For some children music class is one time during the week when they are confident they will shine through. The music program is also a vital part in creating community and fostering cooperation.

With so much evidence that music programs positively affect both success rates and retention rates, can we afford not to support these programs as core subjects?





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4 responses to “Music programs in our schools

  1. Well said. In my book “Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music,” we identified 9 common lessons from music that translate into success.

    Success is a definite by-product of music education!

  2. D. Lewis

    Thanks so much for keep us informed on the things that are important to our children’s education. And music is certainly among those things.

    Music helps our kids with concentration, self-esteem, confidence, team work … all of which will serve them well later on in life.

    I always look forward to reading this blog. I know I am among the the many who would love to have you running this whole school board because you always support the things that really matter to our children’s future!

    Thanks again for caring so much!

    • avoteforthefuture

      Wow – THANK YOU!

      I do my small bit in the board… just 1 of 21 commissioners doing their best. 🙂 We have great Directors, and we’re lucky to have so many great teachers, most of all. It’s nice to get comments like these! But it’s Teacher Appreciation week too – did you tell your teachers how much they mean to you too? Thanks. 🙂

      • D. Lewis

        You’re right. I truly appreciate the teachers and we just don’t tell them enough.

        Teachers are the best thing to happen to kids besides their parents, and sometimes, they’re the best thing! 🙂

        Being a teacher requires understanding, patience, an appreciation for learning, for how a child’s mind works … and they give their all for not enough money.

        Thanks to all the wonderful teachers out there. You are more appreciated than you think – especially by those kids you are helping on their way to success!

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