Should a regular commissioner or two sit at the table at Parent’s Committee meetings?

Our Parent’s Committee saw some merit to this and voted to have a “test run” to see if it would actually add something positive to the communications of the groups.  Two meetings, and then an evaluation.


We already have two parent commissioners; one high school and one elementary school. So why have more?

Well, communications is a two way street. Effective communications, that is.  And though there is value in regular commissioners attending Parent’s Committee meetings, that value could be increased by having a seat at that table.

Does this mean that we don’t believe that our parent commissioners are not doing their job?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Our parent commissioners are strong advocates in standing committees, caucus meetings, executive committee and on council – and they do their job well in bringing back to Parent’s Committee what they see happening around them.

But there are just two of them.  Why do we consider that Executive requires more than just two commissioners?  Because with varied opinions and varied reception of the same message may come varied interpretations – and having additional input should add to the debate in a positive way.

If this trial goes well, maybe we should keep it going.  If it doesn’t add to the value of PC meetings, well, nix it – that’s what trials are for.

So many issues stem from communications and perceptions that may or may not be valid. Anything that we can try that may enhance communications between all stakeholders is something we should do.

I’m glad Parent’s Committee voted for it – it will be interesting to see how well it works.




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One response to “Should a regular commissioner or two sit at the table at Parent’s Committee meetings?

  1. Steve Possian

    Whatever makes it all work better, thats what we need.

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