Partnership agreements

I am left, once again, at a loss for words.

Ok, well maybe not so much.  🙂  I always have something to say.

I like the fact that Bill 88 is forcing a lot more accountability into the system.  It’s a good thing.  But here we are – Febrary 2010 – and we have to sign an agreement with MELS in just 4 months time.  In it, we must agree to their stated goal for our success 87%, up from our current 80%.

Again – it’s hard to argue that – it’s a good thing.

But my issue is that *long* before the school board can really flesh out the details of what we need, what our schools need, in order to accomplish this, we need to be readying agreements with the individual schools.

For example – Pierre Elliot elementary has a very high French mother tongue population.  Perhaps the highest.  Grenville and Laurentia are two examples of small schools with their own unique population.  Is one “action plan” from the school board likely to help these three schools with what they need?

Or should we be finalizing plans with individual schools, who can identify and put in place very specific measures to address their very specific needs…  and then, from this information gathered from our schools, *then* we can put our school board plan together and sign on to it with the Minister.

Instead, again, MELS is forcing us to prepare a draft of our partnership agreement with them for next month.

Ass-backwards, it be.  And nothing we can do about it – this is MELS with the timeline.




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  1. Steve Possian

    Great piece. Too true.

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